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• Our IPA is created with a special blend of New York and Northwest hop varieties. It starts with resin, pine, rich caramel, toasted malt, and muted citrus. Underpinnings of caramel malt, tobacco, and toasted bread crust take over the palate with a lightly bitter, dry finish.
• 67 IBUs.
• 5.3% ABV
• Hop to it — Grab the IPA!


• Using proprietary yeast, our German style Altbier has a spicy hop bitterness and nose that only noble hop varieties can produce. We add a dash of roasted barley and German red wheat malt to give it a nice amber haze. With the yeast as the star of the show, this beer appeals to many and is Matt’s dad’s favorite.
• 4.6% ABV
• Alter your brew


• For this guy, early in the hop harvest we like to throw caution to the wind and wet hops. After the harvest we use only the freshest hops to conjure a slight bitterness from the Nugget hops and mellow citrus character from local Cascade hops.
• 5.5% ABV


• Using a fun blend of dark malts, look for hints of dark chocolate and roasted coffee. Carbonated on the lighter side, you will enjoy the smooth mouth feel that rolled oats supply. While good year-round, this stout is a great compliment to those long New York winters.
• 4.8% ABV
• Just say “Oat me!”


• This Irish style Red goes the route of roasty. A nice smooth mouth feel provided by the flaked barley will make you crave the red. At 5% alc/vol it will fast become your favorite session ale.
• 5.0% ABV

SLYBORO Cherry Cider

• A semi-sweet hard cider with Black Currants added after fermentation. It’s purple, it’s bubbly, with a nice black currant complexity.
• It’s the New Black!

Summer Shandy

• Fun in the sun with this lemonade/ale marriage. At 4.5 – 5.5 ABV you can have a few and still cut straight lines while mowing the lawn. Mildly hopped and very refreshing.
• 4.5-5.5% ABV


• Thousands of flowers go into each small batch of Ehrlich Brothers Elderflower Bubbly™. The floral, aromatic flavors and fragrance are captured and enhanced by the winemakers to give you an incomparable taste experience.
• 12% ABV

Caddisfly – Cream Ale

Not your father’s Cream Ale. This smooth Ale is refreshing with a touch of honey malt, adding a crisp finish. Only 22 IBU’s @ 3.8 ABV. Enjoy

Saratoga Cider

We are proud to serve you hard ciders from Saratoga Apple. Available on tap and in 750ML bottles, this slightly sparkling semi-sweet is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Stop by our tap room to try a taste for yourself.  

Cute Little Blonde

This blonde ale is lightly hopped throughout the boil with Willamette hops. Not for the hop head, this ale is quite smooth with mellow malty sweetness. 4.4% ABV Cute little blond, indeed.


A Fusion of flavorful fresh cherries, sweet raspberries and a touch of blueberries makes for a wonderful late summer treat. 4.5 ABV

Victory View Vinyard

Victory View Vineyard is a small farm in rural Washington County in upstate New York. Our vineyard’s soils, southern exposure and temperate climate allow us to use sustainable methods to grow exceptional grapes from cultivars including marquette, maréchal foch, frontenac, melody, la crescent, lacrosse, and petite pearl. We grow the grapes for all our wines […]


Our Story

The owners of the Argyle Brewing Company: Chris, Matt and Rich, would like to welcome you to enjoy the ales of the first New York Farm Brewery in beautiful Washington County.  Together we are dedicated to making the best craft beers you will drink in Washington County, or anywhere else.

Although all of the owners have ties to the Town of Argyle, the Argyle Brewing Company is located in the neighboring Village of Greenwich, New York.  Why Greenwich and not Argyle?  For starters, the Town of Argyle is dry.  Hence our slogan, “Dry Town ~ Wet Basements”.  Also noteworthy, prior to the year 1803, Greenwich was a part of Argyle; so you might say that we are just trying to reclaim Greenwich one pint at a time.



The Best Craft Beers You Will Drink In Washington County, Or Anywhere Else




Greenwich:  TUES. thru FRI. 4PM – 8PM     Sat 11AM – 8PM & Sun 12PM – 5PM

Cambridge:  Wed. thru Fri. 4PM – 8PM        Sat 11AM – 8PM & Sun 12PM – 5PM