Our Story

Chris Castrio
Matt Stewart

Owners, Matt and Chris, have a strong connection to Argyle, New York. Chris and his family are the “new comers” that moved to Argyle from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in 1998. Matt’s family has been in Argyle, on the same land, since 1798. Matt, being the rebel that he is, moved to Salem, New York in 2002.

Each maintain a certain pride and admiration of Argyle. Matt having worked as a teenager at the now closed Argyle IGA, can remember staying open late on Thursday nights so that folks who worked at the local catheter plants could come in for their weekly groceries after cashing their paychecks. Chris was attracted to the area’s rich history and architecture. He was a contractor in Lancaster with an interest in historical renovation.

In years past, Argyle enjoyed a bustling farm economy with numerous dairy farms. In a short span of years, it has seen the catheter plants close and relocate to various parts of the globe. Family farms have fallen victim to factory farming. The decision to name the brewery after the Town of Argyle was born out of respect and admiration for its people and heritage. As the first New York Farm Brewery in Washington County, Argyle Brewing Company hopes to increase opportunities for local landowners to use currently unused land for growing hops and barley. This will benefit, farmers, farm breweries, and the community.

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Why Greenwich? Argyle is one of only a handful of “dry towns” remaining in the state. Although prohibition was largely repealed, its vestiges remain in the Town of Argyle where the sale of alcohol is still prohibited. Matt and Chris would love to brew in Argyle, but a successful brewery needs to sell its product. Greenwich was actually a part of Argyle up until 1803. So the two brewers from Argyle thought it might be a good time to start taking it back “one pint at a time”. And who doesn’t love the Greenwich witches?

Argyle Brewing Company salutes the Towns of Washington County, wet and dry, and encourages everyone to enjoy a cold beer, support family farmers and celebrate the future of this community which has so much to offer.